About the Artists


I’m a goth fantasy pinup erotica artist, who currently resides in Fort Collins, CO. My art centers around the celebration of the female form. I am praised for my ability to create a dark feeling of spookiness, sexiness, seductiveness, strength and fortitude in my female subjects that is hauntingly unique.

Fun Fact: I love cooking weird and unique dishes in the kitchen with only an apron on.


I am an Australian born and bred graphic artist from the small island state of Tasmania. Right now my art is influenced by some very beautiful people in my life, and, of course, ZOMBIES! I enjoy working with the female form and strive to create the perfect blend of desire and decay. In my spare time I am working on a zombie book featuring a compilation of all my sexy un-dead.

Fun Fact: I enjoy picking fights, lemons and noses.


I’m a freelance Pinup and fantasy artist who calls the Wilds of Clifton Heights Pennsylvania home. Mostly self taught artist who loves beautiful women and hard rock music, i find inspiration for my work in many places. My work is flirty and fun with just a slight hint of wickedness.. I’m the one your mother warned you about… heheh.

Fun Fact: I enjoy the finer things in life: chocolate,strippers and alcohol… all three at once makes a wonderful weekend… Capt Frogger™


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